Jaberson Technology is strategically positioned near the Tuas Mega Port, offering logistic management services near one of the key maritime hubs in Singapore. This is made possible with our integrated logistics and warehouse facility. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is designed to accommodate cargo and materials of any weight and size, providing safe and efficient storage solutions for a wide range of goods. While our team offers a top-notch logistics service.

Spacious and Column-Free Warehouse Area

At Jaberson Technology, we understand the importance of having a warehouse accommodating various types of cargo, including oversized and out-of-gauge shipments. Our warehouse has a large area that is column-free, allowing for flexible storage configurations and efficient cargo handling. This feature is particularly beneficial for storing and handling heavy or irregularly shaped equipment that requires transit storage.

The column-free design ensures no obstructions or restrictions within the warehouse space, providing ample room for loading, unloading, and maneuvering large and heavy cargo. Our experienced warehouse teams are skilled in the safe and secure handling of out-of-gauge cargo, utilizing specialized equipment and techniques to ensure the proper positioning and storage of these unique shipments. With Jaberson Technology’s column-free warehouse area, you can trust that your cargo will be stored and handled precisely and carefully.

Specialized Facilities for General Palletized Cargo

In addition to our capabilities in handling out-of-gauge cargo, Jaberson Technology’s warehouse has facilities designed to handle and store general palletized cargo. Not all shipments require specialized storage arrangements, and many goods can be efficiently stored on standard pallets. Our warehouse has modern pallet racking systems, ensuring optimal space utilization and easy access to your palletized goods.

Our experienced warehouse teams are trained in efficient inventory management and are skilled in safely and securely handling palletized cargo. We employ industry best practices for stacking, labeling, and organizing pallets, ensuring that your goods are stored systematically and orderly. With our specialized facilities for general palletized cargo, you can expect streamlined warehouse operations, quick access to your inventory, and efficient order fulfillment – on top of our already great logistic management.

Secure and Well-Maintained Warehouse Environment

At Jaberson Technology, we prioritize the security and maintenance of our warehouse facility to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our warehouse has advanced security systems, including 24/7 surveillance cameras, access control, and alarm systems, to safeguard your valuable cargo. We maintain strict security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of your goods while in our custody.

Additionally, we uphold high standards of cleanliness and hygiene within our warehouse facility. We regularly conduct thorough cleaning and maintenance procedures to create a clean and safe environment for your cargo. Our commitment to maintaining a well-organized and well-maintained warehouse, while delivering exceptional logistics service, ensures that your goods are stored optimally, minimizing the risk of damage or deterioration.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

Jaberson Technology offers integrated logistics solutions that go beyond storage. Our warehouse facility is part of a comprehensive logistic management ecosystem that includes transportation, customs clearance, and other value-added services. With our seamless integration of logistics services, we provide end-to-end solutions that streamline your supply chain and ensure the efficient movement of your goods.

Whether you need assistance with export or import haulage, customs documentation, or supply chain management, our experienced team is equipped to handle your logistics requirements. We leverage our extensive network of trusted partners and industry expertise to deliver customized logistics solutions tailored to your needs. By entrusting Jaberson Technology with your integrated logistics needs, you can focus on your core business while we care for the seamless and efficient movement and storage of your goods.


Jaberson Technology’s integrated logistics and warehouse facility in Tuas provides reliable and efficient storage solutions for various cargo and materials. With our spacious and column-free warehouse area, we can accommodate out-of-gauge cargo that requires transit storage, ensuring the safe handling and storage of heavy and irregularly shaped equipment. Additionally, our specialized facilities for general palletized cargo enable us to handle and store goods on standard pallets with efficiency and precision.

 Our commitment to maintaining a secure and well-maintained warehouse environment ensures the safety and integrity of your goods while in our custody. With our integrated logistics solutions, we offer end-to-end services that streamline your supply chain and ensure the seamless movement of your cargo. Partner with Jaberson Technology for reliable, secure, and efficient warehouse solutions that meet your storage needs.

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