Jaberson Technology


If there’s a transport company that can be called the true logistics solution provider in Singapore, that’s Jaberson Technology. It transports sensitive, out-of-gauge equipment or heavy machinery across Singapore. With a fleet of specialized vehicles and experienced traffic controller teams, we offer a range of logistics services that ensure your cargo’s safe and efficient delivery to its destination. Whether you require normal truck transportation, out-of-gauge police escort transportation, container trucking, night trucking, or road closure transportation, our dedicated transport teams are equipped to handle your specific requirements.

Normal Truck Transportation

Jaberson Technology provides normal truck transportation services for various cargo types. Our fleet of trucks has the necessary tools to securely transport your machinery or equipment from one location to another. With our experienced drivers and transport teams, we ensure that your cargo is handled with the utmost care and delivered safely and efficiently.

Our normal truck transportation service is ideal for standard-sized cargo without special handling or permits. Whether you need to transport machinery, equipment, or other goods, our reliable trucks can accommodate various load sizes and ensure smooth and timely deliveries.

Out of Gauge Police Escort Transportation

For cargo that exceeds the standard size and weight limits, Jaberson Technology offers out-of-gauge police escort transportation services. We understand that transporting oversized or irregularly shaped equipment requires special considerations and compliance with specific regulations. Our experienced transport teams work closely with authorities for necessary permits and coordinate police escorts to ensure a smooth and secure transport process.

By partnering with us for out-of-gauge transportation, you can rest assured that your oversized cargo will be handled with precision and expertise. Our logistics solution provider teams are trained in the proper loading, securing, and transportation techniques for out-of-gauge equipment, ensuring its safe and efficient delivery to the designated location.

Container Trucking

Jaberson Technology, a reliable transport company, provides container trucking services for container cargo transportation. Whether you need to move full container loads (FCL) or less than container loads (LCL), our fleet of container trucks is ready to meet your needs. Our experienced drivers and transport teams are well-versed in container handling and transportation procedures, ensuring your cargo is loaded, secured, and delivered promptly and efficiently.


We understand the importance of container integrity and the need to prevent damage or shifting of the cargo during transit. That’s why we employ industry best practices and use appropriate securing mechanisms to keep your cargo safe and stable throughout the journey. With our container trucking services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your goods will be transported in compliance with international standards and delivered securely to their destination.

Night Trucking

Jaberson Technology offers night trucking services to cater to the unique requirements of certain industries or projects. Night trucking provides several advantages, including reduced traffic congestion, faster travel times, and minimized disruptions to regular operations – making logistics service worth it. Night trucking is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive cargo or projects that require off-peak transportation to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

Our transport teams are experienced in night operations and have the knowledge and equipment to navigate safely during nighttime. We prioritize the safety of our drivers and cargo, adhering to strict guidelines and regulations to ensure secure and reliable night trucking services. With Jaberson Technology’s night trucking, you can enjoy the benefits of expedited delivery and minimized logistical challenges. 

Road Closure Transportation

In certain instances, oversized or heavy machinery transportation may require temporary road closures to ensure safe passage and minimize the risks associated with moving such cargo. Jaberson Technology offers road closure transportation services, collaborating with relevant authorities to plan and execute road closures as required. 

Our experienced traffic controller teams work closely with local authorities and stakeholders to obtain the necessary permits and coordinate the logistics of road closures. We prioritize safety and ensure all necessary precautions are taken to protect the public and minimize disruptions. Our transport teams are skilled in managing road closures efficiently and safely, allowing for the smooth and secure transportation of your oversized or heavy machinery.


As an experienced transport company, Jaberson Technology understands the unique challenges of offering logistics services for sensitive, out-of-gauge equipment and heavy machinery. With our fleet of specialized vehicles, experienced traffic controller teams, and comprehensive range of transport services, we’re the logistics solution provider you can trust. Whether you require normal truck transportation, out-of-gauge police escort transportation, container trucking, night trucking, or road closure transportation, our dedicated teams are committed to ensuring your cargo’s safe and efficient delivery. Partner with Jaberson Technology for reliable and customized transport solutions prioritizing safety, efficiency, and timely delivery.

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