Jaberson Technology

At Jaberson Technology, we excel in providing full suite  solutions for the safe and secure transportation of various cargoes. Our core expertise lies in efficient equipment packing and crating services. Situated in Tuas, Jurong Island, Singapore, our dedicated team of movers operates with finesse, backed by a state-of-the-art carpentry workshop. This workshop plays a pivotal role in crafting custom wooden cases precisely tailored to meet the unique specifications of our diverse clientele.

Customised Wooden Cases

Customised Wooden Cases

Our workshop in Tuas is the heart of our operations. Here, our skilled craftsmen meticulously create bespoke wooden cases. These cases are not just standard shipping containers; they are designed to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of the items being transported. Operating around the clock, our workshop ensures that these cases are produced swiftly and in large quantities, meeting urgent demands without compromising on quality.

Central to our operations at Jaberson Technology is the dedicated workshop located in Tuas. This facility serves as the beating heart of our logistical solutions. Here, our team of highly skilled craftsmen meticulously craft bespoke wooden cases that transcend the standard shipping containers commonly used in the industry.

Each wooden case is more than just a container; it’s a meticulously designed safeguard tailored to the specific dimensions and requirements of the items it shelters during transportation. This customisation is crucial, especially when dealing with diverse cargo types, sizes, and fragility. Our craftsmen pay acute attention to detail, ensuring that each case is a perfect fit for the unique cargo it will protect.

Operational around the clock, our workshop guarantees the swift production of these custom wooden cases, even in large quantities. This capability ensures we meet urgent demands without ever compromising on the quality or precision of our craftsmanship. Whether it’s a small consignment or a bulk order, our team is equipped and committed to delivering these cases promptly without sacrificing the meticulous care and quality they demand.

Precision and Quality Assurance

The expertise of our craftsmen lies not only in the construction of these wooden cases but also in the quality assurance processes embedded in our operations. Every case undergoes a stringent quality check to ensure it meets our high standards before it is dispatched for use. This thorough examination guarantees the sturdiness, reliability, and compatibility of each case with the cargo it is meant to secure.

Adapting to Varied Cargo Needs

The diverse nature of cargo demands flexibility. Some items require extra cushioning, while others might need specific dimensions or materials for safe transport. Our team’s expertise lies in their ability to adapt and innovate. They constantly refine techniques, experiment with new materials, and implement best practices to ensure that our custom wooden cases not only meet but exceed the expectations for safeguarding a wide array of cargo types.

Meeting Urgent Demands with Quality Craftsmanship

Urgency often accompanies the need for custom cases, especially in the dynamic world of logistics. Our workshop’s continuous operation ensures we swiftly respond to these pressing demands without compromising on the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship our cases are known for. This capability distinguishes us as a reliable partner capable of meeting the urgent and bespoke needs of our clients, without sacrificing the meticulous care and quality they deserve.

On-Site Packing Expertise

On-Site Packing Expertise

For cargoes that require on-site packing and crating, our mobile team of packers is readily available. They come equipped with an array of high-quality packaging materials, including aluminium foils for vacuum sealing and an assortment of sponges and foams for secure cushioning during transit. This diverse inventory enables us to cater to a broad spectrum of specific packaging demands from our clients.

In addition to packing and crating, our adept workers handle the meticulous unstuffing and unpacking of containers arriving from overseas. Often, circumstances require the handling of these items before they are transferred to their final destination. Our unpacking service also includes the responsible disposal of leftover materials, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Efficient packing and crating play a vital role in the smooth transportation of goods. Fragile or valuable items necessitate careful handling to prevent damage during transit. The use of custom wooden cases and appropriate packaging materials not only ensures the safety of the cargo but also streamlines the logistics process, reducing the risk of delays and potential losses.

Ensuring Safe Local and International Transit

Jaberson Technology’s commitment to guaranteeing a seamless and efficient process for packing, crating, unpacking, and uncrating is paramount. Our services are not confined to local transportation; we extend our expertise to international cargo transportation as well. Operating from Tuas, we provide a dependable solution for businesses requiring the safe transit of their goods across borders.

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation and Sustainability

In this area of logistics, innovation is crucial. At Jaberson Technology, we continuously explore new materials and methods to enhance the safety and efficiency of our services. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability by ensuring that our packing materials are environmentally friendly and adhere to responsible disposal practices.

Materials Exploration for Enhanced Safety

Constantly exploring new materials and methods is an integral part of our commitment to innovation. We actively seek out and assess emerging materials that can augment the safety and security of the cargo during transit. For instance, we explore cushioning materials that provide increased protection for fragile items, seeking to improve the shock absorption capability during transportation. Our research and development teams rigorously test and validate these materials to ensure they meet our stringent safety standards before their implementation.

Emphasis on Sustainable Packing Solutions

Sustainability is a core value at Jaberson Technology. We recognise the responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and strive to incorporate eco-friendly materials in our packing solutions. This extends beyond just the transportation process; we focus on the entire life cycle of the materials used. For instance, we source environmentally friendly wood for our custom cases, ensuring that the wood is sustainably harvested and processed.

Responsible Disposal Practices

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the use of eco-friendly materials. We equally emphasise responsible disposal practices. When unpacking cargo or dismantling wooden cases, we ensure that any waste or leftover materials are appropriately segregated for recycling or environmentally conscious disposal. This process minimises the environmental footprint of our operations and contributes to the circular economy.

Collaborative Approach and Client Satisfaction

Jaberson Technology’s success is rooted in our collaborative approach with clients. Understanding their unique needs is our cornerstone for delivering effective solutions in equipment packing and crating.

We engage clients actively, delving deep into their requirements, concerns, and cargo specifics. This profound understanding shapes our service customisation, allowing us to adapt our processes, materials, and handling techniques to perfectly fit their demands. Our commitment goes beyond meeting expectations; we aim to exceed them, constantly seeking feedback to fine-tune our services and ensure utmost client satisfaction.

Our proactive problem-solving approach and continuous adaptations not only address immediate challenges but also lead to process improvements for future interactions. This dedication to collaboration and client satisfaction ensures not just successful engagements but also the building of enduring relationships, making us a trusted, reliable partner for bespoke logistics solutions.


Jaberson Technology’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch equipment packing and crating services in Tuas remains unmatched. With a dedication to precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction, we ensure that goods, whether locally or internationally transported, reach their destinations safely and securely. Our adept handling and comprehensive services make us the go-to partner for businesses seeking reliable and tailored cargo transportation solutions.